Telecommunications Carriers

The global economy is increasingly dependent on access to well-functioning networks. The fee structure for connectivity is a crucial element for the success of many businesses. Whilst Japan has developed one of the most sophisticated information infrastructures in the world, it remains one of the most regulated telecommunications markets.

Operators in Japan can do very little without first consulting and obtaining the formal or informal approval of the regulator. The committee works to encourage the Government of Japan to implement measures that guarantee transparent costs, to ensure that charges to competitors are cost-based, to monitor anti-competitive behaviour in relation to the price and non-price terms of supply, and to encourage the establishment of EU-Japan common competition rules including guidelines on funding Universal Services and calculating the connection fee.


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BT Japan Corp.

Upcoming committee meeting schedule

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March 26 (Thursday)10:00~EBC
June 18 (Thursday)10:00~EBC
September 17 (Thursday)10:00~EBC
December 10 (Thursday)10:00~EBC