Denan Act or PSE requirements

Most electrical appliances on the Japanese market need to be labelled with a PSE symbol: either a so called maru-PSE or a hishigata-PSE. For this to be possible the products need to undergo the applicable testing and certification, and also be reported to the Japanese authorities as a “Notification of business,” or Import Business Report, with information such as type classification, katashiki, and manufacture information. While some of these requirements are mirrored in other jurisdictions, Japan stands out in some respect. Every single product needs to be checked beforehand either at production site or a warehouse, and a report of this inspection needs to be kept for 3 years by importers. Furthermore, tests and approvals from Europe can only be partially used or not used at all as the Japanese standards are still not harmonized with international standards in the latter case.


  • The EU and Japan should work together to achieve better harmonisation between the two regions with the aim of avoiding re-testing when marketing the products on either market.
  • Japan should remove the need to inspect every product at the production site to align with IEC, international standards.
  • Japan should better clarify the scope to make it easier to understand which products, or products categories, are covered by the legislation. At the same time also provide written answers to questions related to this.
  • Remove requirement for companies to keep certificates in paper form.
  • Remove the need for an “Import Business Report”, or at least only request it if needed.