The European Business Council (EBC) has 22 committees devoted to improving the business environment for European companies in a variety of different sectors. Each EBC Committee is unique, reflecting the varied make-up of the EBC membership and the issues they deal with on a day-to-day basis.

List of Committees:

Some committees have memberships constituting a significant share of the Japanese market and are officially recognized by the Japanese Government as a primary industry contact while others are devoted to increasing market access opportunities for their members. While a majority of the committees represents a sector or an industry segment, some address cross-sector issues such as human resources and taxation, which affect all firms in Japan, regardless of their line of business.

In general, EBC Committees perform a combination of the following functions:

  • Identifying obstacles facing European companies doing business in Japan in their sector
  • Promoting European interests in a particular issue area
  • Liaising with relevant Government Ministries and other industry groups
  • Responding to requests from the EBC Secretariat, the media, government representatives, and other organisations for information on the public policy work of European businesses in Japan


EBC Committees:

  • Discuss regulatory developments and issues of common concern
  • Visit Japanese government officials, write position papers and engage in media campaigns, when necessary.
  • Provide briefings on the current state of their specific business sector for visiting European Commission officials and various European industry representatives
  • Give presentations to governmental bodies and political parties upon request
  • Hold symposiums, briefings, lectures and other events
  • Contribute one chapter to the annual white paper
  • Exchange sector-specific information
  • Work closely with the EC commission and member state Embassy personnel to put the regulatory concerns also on their agenda
  • Liaise with the EBC office to ensure that committee issues are inserted in to the general lobbying activities