Human Resources

Economic globalisation and current demographic trends in Japan, including an acute shortage of skilled labour, an ageing population, and a declining birth rate, present significant challenges for domestic and foreign-owned businesses and for the long-term vitality of the Japanese economy.

Companies are forced to streamline their management, improve working conditions, enhance operational efficiency and find new sources of labour from abroad. In the light of these challenges, it is critical that labour regulations and human resource management facilitate international commercial transactions and provide the best means of acquiring and retaining a highly skilled competitive workforce. The committee works to encourage the Government of Japan to deregulate obstructive regulations on immigration, pension schemes, and employment tenure in line with international standards and practices, in order to meet the evolving demands of today’s fast-paced global economy.

Upcoming committee meeting schedule

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January 30 (Thursday)09:00~EBC
March 26 (Thursday)09:00~EBC
May 28 (Thursday)09:00~EBC
July 30 (Thursday)09:00~EBC
September 24 (Thursday)09:00~EBC
November 26 (Thursday)09:00~EBC