Automotive Components & Aftermarket

European automotive component and systems manufacturers continue to face difficulties in promoting European technical expertise to the Japanese automobile industry, mainly due to continued reluctance in the industry to outsource product development on a global basis.

This means it is still often necessary to provide “Japanese solutions” to customers in order to adhere to company-specific requirements, which defies the global trend towards single platform development and volume production. Against this background, the committee engages in ongoing, regular dialogue between European component manufacturers and Japanese carmakers as a vital mechanism for sharing information and promoting understanding, with the aim of fostering increased opportunities for mutually beneficial business development.

Upcoming committee meeting schedule

Please contact the EBC ([email protected]) to confirm the meeting location prior to attending

April 24 (Friday)16:00~EBC
August 28 (Friday)16:00~EBC
November 27 (Friday)16:00~EBC