Globalisation of the automobile industry and promoting information exchange

The EBC welcomes the opportunity that globalisation presents for innovative European firms to strengthen their relationship with Japanese automobile manufacturers in developing new products and sharing technical expertise. Japanese automobile manufacturers are increasingly making use of foreign tie-ups to develop their business and respond to competitive pressures both at home and abroad. Nevertheless, European automotive component and system manufacturers continue to face numerous challenges in promoting European technical expertise to automobile manufacturers in Japan. It is of crucial importance, both for Japanese and foreign firms, that Japan harmonises its regulatory framework to better accommodate the globalisation of the automotive components sector. Face-to-face meetings between the European Association of Automotive Suppliers and Japanese car manufacturers were established in 1995 to promote information exchange between European and Japanese companies. These meetings have proven to be a highly effective venue for discussing issues of mutual concern relating to products, platforms, global strategies and other important matters affecting the industry.


  • Encourage the Japanese automobile industry, when procuring components and systems, to focus on the technical, commercial and logistics aspects of automobile production and to avoid excessive reliance on affiliated companies. Increased purchasing on a global basis and more emphasis on single platform development would improve the cost-effectiveness of the Japanese industry.
  • Recognise foreign test results from accredited European agencies to avoid the necessity of re-testing for the Japanese market.
  • Continue face-to-face meetings between leading representatives of European suppliers and the Japanese automobile industry, as these have led to increased understanding. The EBC also recommends that the scope of these meetings is expanded in future to include opportunities to meet at Japanese venues.