United in a changing world

Message from the EU Ambassador

Now more than ever, the EU and Japan are aligning in solidarity on the fundamental challenges that we are facing in these turbulent times. Our deep and evolving strategic and economic partnership allows us to cooperate closely in a wide range of areas. From Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine that has triggered a global energy, fertiliser and food crises, to threats to security and open and rules-based multilateral order, to climate change and energy transition, to environmental degradation and biodiversity loss, to trade and economic security, to technological revolution, to the post-pandemic recovery and our efforts at building pandemic preparedness for the future.



Message from the EBC

Welcome to the 2023 EBC report on the Japanese regulatory environment, aka the White Paper. This is the second year since going completely digital. We are hoping that this has made it easier for you, the reader, to find a more up to date information and what you are looking for.

For much of the past couple of years, the efforts of the EBC have been focusing on the border restrictions in Japan. We have gone from a complete entry ban on non-Japanese citizens, affecting even residents in Japan, to problems of getting top management and specialists enter the country to now, where we are back to the pre-COVID situation, i.e. the period before March 2020.



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