The Government must facilitate and support airlines in the short-term so that it can change from activities focusing on passenger traffic to freight traffic. It is also imperative that whatever aid is offered to domestic operators if also offered to the domestic activities of foreign airliners


  • The Japanese Government should improve the situation for freight transport, especially at Haneda. At the same time, it should be possible for airliners to, in a flexible manner, to increase its freight transport capacity in place of its passenger traffic capacity.
  • Airliners should be able to retain its slots even if temporarily due to the Coronavirus, they reduce their traffic.
  • The Government should include foreign airliners domestic activities when and if offering monetary support to the airline industry.
  • Sufficient resources need to be dedicated to new screening procedures at airports for arriving international travellers in order to alleviate long waiting times and passenger load restrictions for inbound flights .Further restriction on inbound passenger loads will reduce the airlines abilities to ramp up operations and meet expected demand.