EBC Defence & Security Committee Holds Press Conference

To launch the new EBC Defence and Security Committee, the European Business Council in Japan (EBC) held a press conference on January 13th, 2011. EBC Chairman Mr. Tommy Kullberg, inaugural Defence and Security Committee Chairman Mr. Tony Ennis (BAE Systems), and committee members were joined by more than 50 participants and members of the press.

EBC Chairman, Mr. Kullberg, welcomed participants and provided a brief introduction of the EBC. At the press conference, Mr. Ennis presented the purpose and objectives of the new EBC Defence and Security committee saying that, “The aim of the new committee is to promote dialogue and mutually beneficial collaboration between Japanese and the European defence industries…”

Mr. Ennis went on to explain how Japan would benefit from collaboration with European defence industries. Furthermore, he said that the Defence and Security Committee welcomes Japan’s recent initiative to publically discuss the relaxation of Japan’s three principles on arms exports (3R), and would like to see the opportunity for dialogue with the Japanese Government.