EBC Newsletter – April 14, 2021

EBC Newsletter – April 14, 2021



From the EBC

Dear Friends of the EBC,

On Monday 26 April, the European Commission will hold its 2021 Trade Policy Day to discuss its new Trade Strategy to promote an open, sustainable and assertive trade policy for the EU. This full-day virtual event will include panel discussions on the three core objectives of the new EU Trade Strategy:

  • Supporting the recovery and fundamental transformation of the EU economy in line with its green and digital objectives;
  • Shaping global rules for a more sustainable and fairer globalisation, and
  • Increasing the EU’s capacity to pursue its interests and enforce its rights, including autonomously where needed.

For more information and the agenda, click here.

On 26 & 28 April 2021, the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation will organise an online workshop on Offshore Wind Energy: Deepening EU-Japan Cooperation. This event aims at supporting further cooperation between European and Japanese stakeholders in offshore wind. It will highlight existing partnerships, help companies from both sides to better know each other, and include a focus on two key topics: certification and conformity assessment of offshore wind technologies, and cost reduction of floating offshore wind.

As a member of the European Business Organisation Worldwide Network (EBOWWN), spread out across 45 countries, we are pleased to introduce you to a webinar arranged by the European Chamber of Commerce in Korea on 29 April on the Lego Group’s sustainability journey with Mr. Tim Brooks, Vice President, Sustainability.

Enjoy these events!

We hope you stay positive and healthy during this difficult time.

Valerie Moschetti
EBC Chief Operating Officer

2021 Trade Policy Day – Monday 26 April

The event is an opportunity for everyone interested in hearing from a range of officials and experts on the present and future of EU trade policy and of global trade. It will seek answers to a variety of questions, including:

  • How should the EU respond to global challenges including growing unilateralism, the crisis of the international rules-based trading order, the acceleration of climate change, and the digital transformation?
  • How can we reform the WTO so that it can support the stability and predictability of international trade?
  • How can global trade rules contribute to a more sustainable and fairer globalisation, and address in particular the challenges associated with the green transition?
  • How can the EU maximise the benefits of international trade to its companies, and how can the EU enforce its rights more assertively?

Information and Registration

Online workshop on Offshore Wind Energy: Deepening EU-Japan Cooperation – 26 & 28 April 2021

Deploying renewable energy massively will be key to achieve the 2050 goal of climate neutrality shared by the EU and Japan. In both regions, offshore wind is seen as one of the renewable sources with the highest growth potential. The European Commission estimates that 30% of electricity demand in Europe could be covered by offshore wind by 2050, while the Japanese government made offshore wind a pillar of its new Green Growth Strategy.

European and Japanese companies – from major firms of the energy, construction or trading sectors, to smaller suppliers and startups – already work together in several projects, in Europe and Japan. With the renewed ambitions of Europe and Japan for offshore wind energy, this cooperation can be expanded, to the benefit of an accelerated, cost-effective deployment. Deepening this cooperation requires a better mutual knowledge of the solutions developed by companies from both sides, the identification of fields of common interest such as floating offshore wind, and a better understanding of certification systems.

Featuring speakers from European Commission (Directorate General for Energy), Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, WindEurope, Ørsted, ClassNK, TÜV SÜD, Van Oord, Stiesdal Offshore Technologies, BW Ideol, Ocean Winds, JEMA, CDIT, Sumitomo Corporation, JERA, NSK and more to be announced soon.

Agenda, Information and Registration

The Lego Group’s sustainability journey

The European Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ECCK) has set Sustainability as a focus area for 2021. In order to contribute to a better world, the ECCK has set up a webinar series on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, hereafter referred to as SDGs. The ECCK is delighted to have H.E. BAN Ki-moon, the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations, support this initiative, and has received confirmation from Global CEOs to share their companies’ insights and effort to contribute to the SDGs.

Information & registration

Date & Time
29 April 2021, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm KST

What’s in the Media

  • Japan mulls ratcheting up greenhouse gas reduction target (The Asahi Shimbun)
  • Japan wholesale prices rise for first time in more than a year, stoked by commodities surge (Japan Today)
  • COVID-19 variants could drive economic hit on Tokyo up by $36 bil. (The Mainichi)
  • Health ministry: Japan job losses tied to pandemic exceed 100,000 (The Asahi Shimbun)

Upcoming EBC Committee Meetings

Date Committee Time / Location
Apr 22 (Thursday) Medical Equipment & Diagnostics Committee Off-site
April 30 (Friday) Railways EBC & Web
May 12 (Wednesday) Energy EBC&Web
May 20 (Thursday) Medical Equipment & Diagnostics Committee Off-site

If you are interested in joining a committee meeting, please contact the EBC to confirm the time and meeting place.

EBC White Paper

The EBC published its annual document on the Japanese regulatory business environment last July.

This year’s White Paper is called “Strengthening partnerships – in crisis and opportunity alike” . The opportunity is of course referring to the EU-Japan EPA that entered into force on February 1, 2019. Unfortunately, at the same time the COVID -19 crisis struck the world.

We are, however, confident that with our recommendations, the European and Japanese economies and companies will continue to prosper.

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