EBC Newsletter – November 11, 2020

EBC Newsletter – November 11, 2020



From the EBC


Dear Friends of the EBC,

COVID-19 is still a threat in many countries, but conditions to enter Japan are gradually relaxing.

In today’s Newsletter, we inform you on the latest changes to the entry/re-entry to Japan.

We also give you the opportunity to better understand the activity of our EBC Retail Committee. If your company is interested in attending the meetings, you are most welcome to contact us !

If you are a European company interested in the 8th Innovation Leaders Summit 2020, be aware of the postponing of this event.

We wish you a good reading and hope you stay positive and healthy during this difficult time.

Valerie Moschetti
EBC Chief Operating Officer

Entry / Re-entry to Japan


Japan has changed the rules regarding the need for quarantine in Japan.
If you come for the purpose of business or if you live in Japan and leave temporarily for business, you may not have to quarantine for 14 days when coming back as usually required. There are, however, certain things that you need to fulfill to benefit from this. For more information, please go to : https://www.mofa.go.jp/ca/cp/page22e_000925.html

With the changes implemented on 1 November, the “Receipt for Request of Re-entry” for foreign residents will no longer be needed. For more information, please see the following links:

Note that you will still need a negative COVID-19 test result conducted within 72 hours of the departure time of the return flight to Japan.

COVID-19 Testing Center for Overseas Travelers (TeCOT)
METI has published information on TeCOT, a coordination point for the testing of travellers that need testing in Japan due to requirements that other countries may have. Please note that this is not connected with neither the testing that is currently required before returning to Japan for non-Japanese, nor the testing that is required at the airport when returning:

EBC Retail & Wholesale Committee


The EBC Retail & Wholesale Committee has a wide-ranging membership, from sellers of luxury goods to household products to liquor, and they do not all share the same needs.

For a better understanding of this Committee’s objectives, please read this article. If you are interested in joining the Committee, contact the EBC at: [email protected]

Notice of postponement of Tokyo Challenge 100 and Innovation Leaders Summit 2020


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Japan Business Federation, the Japan External Trade Organization, and Project Nippon Co., Ltd., announced in October 2019 that they signed an agreement on cooperation for building a Tokyo global startup ecosystem. The 8th Innovation Leaders Summit (ILS2020), one of the largest open innovation matching events in Asia, run by Project Nippon, was planned to be held from October 27 this year. However, due to Covid-19, it has been postponed to 2021.

New schedule for the 8th Innovation Leaders Summit (ILS2021)
In person : Mar. 3-5 2021
Online: Mar. 8-12 2021

Application deadline for major companies: Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Power matching 2021
Application deadline for major companies: Monday, November 30, 2020

ILS運営事務局(プロジェクトニッポン) 担当:松谷
電話:03-3356-9121 E-Mail: [email protected]
[Inquiry about cooperation agreement]
Tagawa / Onoki Tokyo Strategic Policy Information Promotion Headquarters
Phone: 03-5388-2864

What’s in the Media

  • Japan mulls exempting int’l visitors for Olympics from quarantine (Kyodo News+)
  • Top business lobby sets 30% goal of female execs by 2030 (The Asahi Shimbun)
  • Japan business conditions show signs of improving (News on Japan)
  • Virus-hit Japanese companies turn to early retirement to cut costs (Japan Today)
  • Japan to open English-speaking support office to lure foreign financial firms (Japan Today)

Upcoming EBC Committee Meetings

Date Committee Time / Location
November 12 (Thursday) Logistics & Freight EBC
November 19 (Thursday) Medical Equipment & Diagnostics Committee Off-site
November 26 (Thursday) Human Resources EBC
November 27 (Friday) Legal Services Off-site
November 27 (Friday) Automotive Components & Aftermarket EBC
November 30 (Monday) Materials EBC
December 1 (Tuesday) Retail & Wholesale EBC
December 2 (Wednesday) Energy EBC
December 10 (Thursday) Telecom Carriers
Telecom Equipment
December 10 (Thursday) Medical Equipment & Diagnostics Committee Off-site
December 15 (Tuesday) Sustainability and Social Responsibility Off-site

If you are interested in joining a committee meeting, please contact the EBC to confirm the time and meeting place.

EBC White Paper


The EBC published its annual document on the Japanese regulatory business environment last July.

This year’s White Paper is called “Strengthening partnerships – in crisis and opportunity alike” . The opportunity is of course referring to the EU-Japan EPA that entered into force on February 1, 2019. Unfortunately, at the same time the COVID -19 crisis struck the world.

We are, however, confident that with our recommendations, the European and Japanese economies and companies will continue to prosper.

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