EBC Newsletter – September 11, 2020

EBC Newsletter – September 11, 2020


From the EBC


Dear Friends of the EBC,

Following the implementation, on September 1st, of the new entry procedures to (re-)enter Japan, the EBC has issued a new statement.

We welcome this first step, but we would like to point out three issues:

  • Non-Japanese nationals have to be tested overseas before coming back to Japan, which can be problematic for businesspeople that are abroad for a day or two only. Furthermore, Japanese nationals do not need to follow this procedure;
  • The lifting does not address the issue of new incoming expats, except for a few cases. The EBC believes that Japan needs to open up its border for them as they are vital to the Japanese economy;
  • While implementing an appropriate medical protocol, the Japanese government needs to issue guidelines on how short-term businesspeople that are essential to support both European and Japanese companies can enter Japan.

We will therefore continue our high-level meetings to advocate for further relaxation.

We are also preparing a webinar on the new (re-)entry procedures at the end of the month, as many points still look vague according to the various emails we are receiving. You are welcome to send us your questions in advance (see details below).

We wish you a good reading and hope you stay positive and healthy during this difficult time.

Valerie Moschetti
EBC Chief Operating Officer

EBC statement on the latest changes to the (re-)entry ban to Japan


EBC statement on the latest changes to the (re-)entry ban to Japan

Webinar on the new (re-)entry procedures


Dear EBC friends,

I am certain you have read about the latest changes to the re-entry ban. The EBC continues to work on this issue to improve not only the situation for residents, but also for new visa-holders who have not yet become residents and for short-term businesspeople.

In regards to this, we are interested in knowing your thoughts and especially what questions you may have. We are continuously meeting various ministries and such questions would also help us ask the right questions and get the answers that would benefit you.

We are planning to organize a webinar at the end of September/beginning of October with a government representative, where some of your questions could be answered.
This is to be confirmed and more information will hopefully come in a future newsletter.

Please send in your questions to [email protected].
In the subject line, mention “Questions on entry restrictions”.

Please understand that we can neither ask nor answer all questions, but we hope to get answers to the most common questions.

HR Committee


The main issues of the EBC Human Resources Committee have long been immigration, labour-market regulations, and pensions. Since the coronavirus struck, the group’s priorities were suddenly very different. These days, members are focused on keeping employees safe and their companies operating productively— amid social distancing and other restrictions —as they and a significant portion of their colleagues work away from the office.

Read this EuroBiz article to know more about the HR committee and send us an email if you want to join!

What’s in the Media

  • Japan’s economy watcher sentiment in Aug. highest in 11 months (The Mainichi)
  • Japan’s economy sinks deeper into worst postwar contraction, intensifies challenge for new leader (The Asahi Shimbun)
  • Japan’s April-June GDP decline revised down to annualized 28.1% (The Mainichi)
  • Japan to draw map of marine plastic pollution with help from G-20 (Japan Today)
  • Japan bids to become Asia’s financial center (News on Japan)

Upcoming EBC Committee Meetings

Date Committee Time / Location
September 15 (Tuesday) Retail & Wholesale EBC
September 17 (Thursday) Telecom Carriers
Telecom Equipment
September 24 (Thursday) Human Resources EBC
September 24 (Thursday) Medical Equipment & Diagnostics Committee Off-site
October 20 (Tuesday) Sustainability and Social Responsibility Off-site
October 22 (Thursday) Medical Equipment & Diagnostics Committee Off-site
October 29 (Thursday) Insurance Off-site

If you are interested in joining a committee meeting, please contact the EBC to confirm the time and meeting place.

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