EBC Statement on the latest development regarding issuing visas

EBC Statement on the latest development regarding issuing visas

The European Business Council in Japan has long asked the Japanese Government to make it easier for its business to bring essential personnel to Japan under the proper health protocols. This has in principle only been possible for a three-month period in the last 20 months.

We are therefore very happy to see that, according to news articles, a government-affiliated institute has been granted visas for 55 overseas scholars to come to Japan.

Just as scholars are important for Japan, so is essential and vital personnel that European industry wants to bring to Japan. Many of them have waited for a very long time, which only shows the necessity and the need for a timely issuance of visas.

We are furthermore relieved to see that Japan considers it possible to let people enter on a slightly larger scale in accordance with applicable health protocols so that it will not affect the COVID-19 situation in Japan. There is consequently no medical risk in bringing in businesspeople under the same conditions.

The EBC therefore looks very positively at this development and stands ready to start the consultations on how to safely bring in business personnel to Japan.

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