Joint Statement on the Entry Restrictions in Japan

Joint Statement on the Entry Restrictions in Japan

The EBC, together with the American Chamber, the British Chamber, the Canadian Chamber, the French Chamber, the German Chamber and the Italian Chamber (chambers of the G7 members, excluding Japan), issued a joint statement on the latest changes to the entry regulations, as well the quarantine rules, that entered into force on 8 November.

In general, we welcome the changes that again make it possible for businesspeople to enter Japan. This is important not only for short-term businesspeople, but also for new staff of European businesses. It has long been nearly impossible for companies to bring in specialists and to replace top management.

The statement furthermore comments on the new quarantine regulations that makes it possible for vaccinated people to isolate for 3 days instead of 10 or 14 days as the case was previously.

Again, while we believe this is a positive change, the requirements that need to be fulfilled to isolate for 3 days are too administratively burdensome for companies.

Read the statement in English [pdf] / Japanese [pdf]