Incorporate recommended vaccines by WHO into NIP and promote the development of combination vaccines

NIP for rotavirus vaccine was launched in October 2020. Regarding the NIP for mumps vaccine, MHLW evaluation vaccine subcommittee discussed that it is necessary to conduct a large-scale survey of more than 100,000 cases to realize the frequency of aseptic meningitis caused by existing mumps vaccination, which is difficult to conduct. This discussion may have made it more difficult for mumps vaccine to be part of the NIP. It is also fact that discussions on combination vaccines and high-dose influenza vaccines have not progressed among the vaccines with high development priorities requested by MHLW.


  • Regarding the NIP for mumps vaccine, the solution should be discussed thoroughly together with the academia such as AMED team study, and for the government, industry and academia to work together to aim for early NIP for mumps vaccine. These activities should lead to the early introduction of combination vaccines.
  • The national government is considering adopting NIP predictability improvement in "HONEBUTO" policy. We will promote the establishment of a clear standard for adopting regular vaccinations and a system that allows discussions on regular vaccinations to begin even before the vaccine is approved.