Promoting partnerships with the EU

The aeronautics market is becoming more and more global, and Europe has strong technological advantages. For example, European companies have experience in the area of high-end technologies that are environmentally friendly. Procurement decisions should be made taking into consideration both competitive and technological advantages. European manufacturers of commercial aircraft, engines, components, and navigational equipment offer state-of-the-art technology at internationally competitive prices. The EBC consistently requests Japan to modernise its air traffic management system. Some of the European companies are recognised worldwide as setting state-of-the-art standards, yet they face great difficulty in even being considered in the process for new equipment procurement in Japan such as for the air traffic management system. The EBC deplores this situation, which may be keeping Japan from benefiting from the latest advances in safety standards.


  • The EBC encourages Japanese firms to diversify their sources of supply and consider the advantages of European products in the aeronautics field for the benefit of their customers, the general public, and shareholders.
  • The EBC urges the Japanese authorities to facilitate greater use of equipment from European manufacturers who can help them address the need for improvements in air transport safety.