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With ever increasing traffic, of not only physical goods, but also of accompanying documents, logistics companies are under increasing strains. While the core of the problem does not lie with a regulation or a standard, but rather with the behaviour of the stakeholders, the Japanese Government should support and promote a digitalisation of the sector. Currently, there are still many situations where orders are made either over fax or over phone or where documents are delivered physically. With an improved digitalisation, not only will logistics cost go down, but times from order to delivery will do the same. Needless to say digitalisation will also help to cope with the Coronavirus situation, as it is currently very difficult for the logistical sector to, for instance, work from home.


  • The Government together with the various sector organisations should work to enhance digitalisation within the logistics sector. This would improve the competitive advantage of the Japanese market.
  • Japan should look into reducing the amount of required documents that is require to be in paper form. This is particular burdensome in regard to time stamps.
  • Together with digitalisation, Japan should also modernise the process and just not make a manual process digital. Try to eliminate some of the requirements.