Establishing common technical standards and certification procedures

The EU and Japan maintain different technical standards for the same products and, although the differences are not substantial, they lead to double testing and certification for manufacturers. The current EU-Japan MRA provides only for recognised certification organisations to test for both markets. The EBC is disappointed that the SVC system in Japan is limited to wired telecommunications terminals in general and that it has not been expanded to other telecommunications equipment (except for 3G/LTE and WiFi functions in mobile terminals), thus excluding radio base stations for mobile networks.


  • The EU and Japan should mutually accept each other’s technical standards and certifications for telecommunications equipment.
  • SDoCs issued by European producers should be accepted in Japan without further testing or administrative requirements, not only in respect of wired terminals, but also in respect of specified radio equipment.
  • The application of SVC should be expanded to all equipment in the category, “Specified Radio Equipment”.