Future-proof radio regulation for mobile equipment

The EBC believes that Japanese radio regulation is not sufficiently flexible and, by stipulating technical requirements based on specific technology on each frequency band, risks delaying the launch of new wireless technologies. The EBC welcomes an MIC’s report issued in December 2020 studying the periodical inspection of 5G/4G mobile radio base stations.


  • Japan should adopt future-proof radio regulation for mobile equipment so that emerging technologies can be swiftly deployed. It is worth studying the technology-neutral approach, especially for unlicensed bands such as 5GHz.
  • Japan should review its radio regulation to ensure it avoids imposing undue requirements on radio base stations, especially in respect of AAS (Active Antenna Systems). In particular, the outcomes in MIC’s report in December 2020 should be implemented in the regulation so that the measurement in the periodical inspection of radio performance at antenna or equivalent monitor ports can be exempt.