Harmonisation of spectrum for IMT (IMT-Advanced and IMT-2020/5G)

The EBC is pleased that MIC has been working to ensure additional spectrum allocation bands to address the increasing demand for mobile broadband and emerging new use cases of the vertical industries. The EBC recognises that MIC has allocated spectrum bands (3.7 GHz, 4.5 GHz and 28 GHz bands) for IMT-2020 in April 2019, and additional band (2.3GHz) in April 2022, and the plan for allocating additional bands (4.9GHz, 26 GHz and 40 GHz).


  • Japan should continue working for globally or regionally harmonised spectrum allocations for mobile use.
  • Japan should engage actively in agenda item 1.2 of WRC-23.
  • Japan should continue the process for allocating 5G spectrum, to facilitate the development of 5G equipment for its planned commercial service, considering the outcomes of the agenda item 1.13 of WRC-19 and the mid-band spectrum needs for 5G.