Vehicle regulations/connectivity-related (including automated driving)

The government has incorporated new UN regulations (R155/156/R157) on new automated-driving vehicles. In addition, regarding CS/SU when modifying software in vehicles in use, which we have been requesting since last year, for the COC (Certificate of Compliance) of UN-R155/R156 obtained overseas, the government indicated a policy of not requiring reacquisition in Japan at the time of specified modification permission for R155/156-approved vehicles. In addition, while Japan's vehicle regulations have been harmonized internationally, mainly for passenger cars, Japan-unique rules still remain, mainly for heavy-duty vehicles etc.


  • In order to introduce vehicles equipped with automated driving and connected technologies to the market in a timely manner and provide customers with higher levels of safety and convenience, the government should expand support measures for advanced safe driving support technologies.
  • In order to realize prompt market measures and improve consumer convenience, the government should review the simplification and shortening of the examination period for the permit for specified modification of the vehicles already registered.
  • Japan should resolve its remaining unique regulations such as lamps and emission requirements for HDV through international harmonization.