EBC ニュースレター 2023年4月19日

EBC ニュースレター 2023年4月19日


From the EBC

Dear Friends of the EBC,

On 21 April, the EBC will take advantage of the presence in Japan of Mr. Niedermark, Member of the Executive Board of the Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie & a former CEO of the German Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, and Mr. Beyrer, Director General of BusinessEurope, to organise a talk on the challenges facing Europe today. They will discuss how to improve Europe’s global competitiveness, in particular with China and the United States, and Europe’s strategic autonomy. Don’t miss the opportunity to exchange with them and register by Thursday evening!

On 17 April, the EBC and its Energy Committee members met with European Commission Director General Ditte Juul Jorgensen of DG Energy. Thanks to the meeting, the EBC members were able to convey opinions and technical information on hydrogen, energy infrastructure and demand-response, while also hearing from the Director General the policies and thoughts of the Commission.
There was also a separate meeting on offshore wind power as this is a sector of particular interest to both European industry and to the European Commission.And don’t forget: if you are currently experiencing non-tariff barrier issues on the Japanese market, consider contacting the EBC to join one of our committees!The EBC team is looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Valerie Moschetti
EBC Chief Operating Officer

What’s in the Media

  • The Japanese government will introduce a new, simplified system for granting highly skilled professional visas to foreign workers on Friday to attract overseas talent, the Immigration Services Agency said.  (Japan Today)
  • The Finance Ministry announced Friday the creation of a new advisory panel to discuss challenges a central bank digital currency (CBDC) would face. (The Japan News)
  • Japanese companies and climate groups called on the nation’s government on Wednesday to step up the introduction of renewable energy and quickly adopt carbon pricing to tackle global warming. (The Asahi Shimbun)

Upcoming EBC Committee Meetings

Date Committee Time / Location
Apr 20 (Thu) Medical Equipment & Diagnostics Off-site
May 10 (Wed) Logistics and Freight hybrid
May 10 (Wed) Energy hybrid
May 16 (Tue) Sustainability & Social Responsibility Hybrid
May 17 (Wed) Legal Services TBC
May 19 (Fri) Railways hybrid
May 25 (Thu) Human Resources hybrid
May 25 (Thu) Medical Equipment & Diagnostics Off-site

If you are interested in joining a committee meeting, please contact the EBC to confirm the time and meeting place.

Stakeholders of the EBC:

European Business Council JAPAN
Toranomon Hills Business Tower 15F, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6415
105-6415 東京都港区虎ノ門1-17-1 虎ノ門ヒルズビジネスタワー15階